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Andrew Steward, director of A1 Building Consultants Australia has been a licenced builder working in the building and construction industry for over 42  years. He works closely with home owners, architects, designers and engineers to provide expert advice and knowledge on all aspects of the building process, and he is an professional in this field.

If you require anything from a general defects report, mediation matters, or a detailed Expert Report for the courts, we have the experience and expertise that is essential for achieving a successful outcome. If we cannot provide a particular service, we have a solid network of organisations that we can refer to you.  Our aim is to take the mystery out of the building market to clear up matters before they cost you more than you bargain for.

Dispute resolution is always a complicated issue to navigate; we will assist in a professional and impartial manner to try and resolve any issues before they become a timing and costly exercise for all parties involved. We are here to help, and we are accredited through the Master Builder Consultants Council and have all the necessary insurances, so we have your back.

Member of the Master Builders Consulting Council since 2000.

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