A1 Building Consultants Australia

A1 Building Consultants Australia is a distinguished entity specializing in providing expertise within the building industry, particularly in the capacity of offering Expert Witness reports. Andrew Steward, the esteemed director of the company, brings to the table over 42 years of extensive experience as a licensed builder in the building and construction sector. He collaborates closely with builders, homeowners, architects, designers, and engineers, delivering expert advice and comprehensive knowledge across all facets of the building process, establishing himself as a consummate professional in the field.

Whether you seek a general defects report, assistance in mediation matters, or require a meticulous Expert Report tailored for the courts, our team possesses the indispensable experience and expertise necessary for attaining a successful resolution. In instances where a specific service may not be within our purview, rest assured, as we maintain a robust network of organizations to which we can readily refer you. Our overarching objective is to demystify the complexities of the building market, proactively addressing issues before they escalate into unforeseen financial burdens.

Navigating dispute resolution can be a daunting task, and we stand prepared to provide professional and impartial assistance in resolving issues before they evolve into a protracted and costly exercise for all involved parties. Our commitment to aiding you is underscored by our accreditation through the Master Builder Consultants Council, coupled with the assurance of possessing all requisite insurances. Since 2014, we have proudly been a member of the Master Builders Consulting Council, further attesting to our commitment to excellence in the field.